1. Just Another Day in Wonderland

    In my own version of Wonderland, I’m Alice.  Accept I don’t have blond hair and a little blue dress.  As a matter of fact, I don’t have an English accent either.  Even so, the only difference between Alice and I, is that I haven’t found a way out of the rabbit hole yet.       

    The Cheshire Cat, happens to be a dog named Tango.  He does have the tendency of disappearing without notice.  The Red Queen is my mom, the White Queen my grandmother, Absolem (or the Caterpillar) is my Aunt.  The Mad Hatter is a tough one, so I will come back to that one.  Anyone I’ve left out, I will return to later. 

    This is how I will be referring to the people in my life from now on.  I would’ve preferred to compare my life to that of Bella Swan, but seeing as I don’t have anything in common with Bella besides my brown hair and brown eyes I don’t see how it would be possible.  I’ve never been in love with a vampire and werewolf at the same time, or at all for that matter.  haha!  Although Edward is quite the catch. & Jacob’s not so bad.


    I live in a world where being yourself isn’t exactly accepted.  So I’m a bit of a loner….a wallfower if you may.  But I also see everything around me, hence the fly on the wall. 

    It’s interesting to catch things that most people wouldn’t.  Like how the girl next door always wears black bracelets to cover the scars that are left from cutting.  To release endorphins that calm the pain inside.  Or the guy who bullies younger kids into giving up their skateboards or beating them to a pulp.  Only to see that the reason behind this is that  his father abuses him physically every night, because he’s a drunk.  Funny the things you can see from a bedroom window. 

    Lastly, I’ll talk about the Christian girl.  She loves Jesus with all of her heart.  She has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor, but yet she has no friends.  She thinks it’s got something to do with her.  When in fact it has to do with the other people out there who won’t believe in Jesus.  So, that girl, sits there and prays asking God why, why she doesn’t have any friends. She prays for the people, that they will turn to Jesus, before it’s too late.  And finally the Lord answers her prayers.  Now she doesn’t worry about the girls who laugh at her because she carries her Bible with her everywhere.  Or the guys don’t ask her out because she’s the “Jesus Freak.”  She knows that one day her Prince will come.  And by prince I doesn’t mean a boyfriend, but she knows that one day, Jesus will come back and take her to heaven.  She doesn’t worry about anyone who thinks ill of her, she prays for them.  This young woman knows who her real friend is and his name is JESUS!!!


    P.S.-Don’t be afraid to announce that Jesus is Lord!!  For those that believeth in Jesus and accept that he is Lord and Savior shall live eternity in Heaven. 

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